Kathryn "Kat" Parker is a supporting character in the Alice in Zombieland series. She is Alice Bell's best friend and is said to have defunct kidneys, requiring her to have dialysis several times a week. Her boyfriend is Frosty and they have a somewhat complicated relationship with each other. Kathryn has a strong bond with her best friend Ali Bell. They are sisters pratically. She is called Mad Dog by Ali. Kat is absolutly fabulous, she is spunky, passionate, confident, and bright. She is like a star in a dark space. Kat however in the 3rd book dies, from Anima bombing Mr.Ankh's house, then being shot by an Anima trooper. She may however rise since she was also bit by a zombie. #GODBLESSKAT

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Little is known about Kat's early life, other than she was diagnosed with kidney disorder. Her mother also suffered from kidney disorder, and died shortly after Kat's birth.