About me: A battle for good and evil wages in my heart.

Birthday: June 4th

Age: 16

Relationship Status: I refuse to talk about it.

Favorite Song: Fading by Decyfer Down

Favorite Thing: Little sis Emma

Least Favorite Thing: One particular boy. You know who you are!


About me: I’d rather go down fighting than to stand back and stay safe.

Birthday: Jan 9

Age: 17

Relationship Status: SHUTTING UP about that

Currently Reading: I've Done Something Stupid, Now What? by ME

Favorite Song: Forever by Red

Favorite Thing: winning


About me: TRUE STORY –> I will rule this year

Birthday: Aug 18

Age: 16

Relationship Status: single FOREVER (suck it, Frosty!)

Currently Reading: the back of the Pop Tart box

Favorite Thing: I’m dipped in awesome sauce and sprinkled in awesome

Least Favorite Thing: Frosty

Dream Destination: Anywhere Frosty is not


About me: Mess with my boys, and I’ll break your face.

Birthday: March 14

Age: 17

Relationship Status: taken (soz Kat)

Currently Reading: list of rules in detention

Favorite Thing: pretty little kitty kats

Least Favorite Thing: watching Kat walk away (the view rocks, though)

Dream Destination: anywhere Kat is

  • alice 'ali' bell
  • frosty
  • kathrine 'kat' parker
  • cole holland