In the first Alice in Zombieland book you meet Reeve. she is the daughter of Mr.Ankh who helps the slayers. her dad only helps on the condition that Reeve stays out of it. She is in the middle of a love/hate relationship with Bronx. he is in love with her and she loves him back. he can't date her though because Reeve's dad forbids it. Her best friend is Kat Parker who has a kidney disease but doesn't tell reeve anything about that. Reeve meets Ali on her first day of school. She invites her to a party she is throwing, at her mansion. During the party while Ali is with Cole, they open a closet door to find Reeve and Bronx making out. Because Wren and poppy drop Ali, Reeve, Kat, and Ali become best friends. At the end of the first book Kat finds out about the zombies but it is still a secret to Reeve. In the second book Reeve gets a new boyfriend, Ethan. Bronx is not happy about that. In fact, Frosty tells Ali to tell Reeve to drop Ethan because of the pain it’s causing Bronx. Bronx really wants to be with her but he can’t because her father does not allow it. For her dad to help the slayers, Reeve has to stay out of it, which means Bronx can’t be with her. Moving on, in the middle of the book Ali wakes up to find Reeve snaking out. She follows her and calls Bronx, he comes. They watch her get in a car driven by her boyfriend Ethan. They follow her to Ethans house, when they try to follow her in they realize Ethan’s house is surrounded by bloodlines. Only the slayers have bloodlines around their houses and Ethan is most certainly not a slayer. Bronx try’s to slip in threw the door but she closes it to fast. They wait up for her till 2 am. Bronx is furious. The next morning as her and Ali are driving to school they get stopped by Bronxs truck blocking the road. Reeve gets out and confronts him, they get into a fight because he wants to know if she slept with Ethan and she said nothing she does is his business. It ends with her asking for a solid reason why he can’t be with her and he doesn’t say anything so she leaves.